Hello Blog!

Hello! Welcome to my blog, where I will be posting news, updates, new projects, code snippets, and any other interesting things I find out!

First, a quick history lesson: I’m Keith, I’m from New Jersey, and I went to Full Sail University, graduating with my Bachelors in Game Design and Development. I’m working as a C Programmer for medical laboratory applications, but I’m looking for a job in the game industry.

My most “fluent” programming languages are C/C++ and C#, but I have quite a bit of experience in others. You can find out more by checking out my resume.

I like video games, movies, coding, and hanging out with people. That’s pretty much me in a nutshell.

So I’ll be posting up code and projects. If you would like to see things, have inquiries, or words of praise, feel free to leave comments (GOOD comments) and I’ll get back to you!


– Keith Maggio


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Computer Scientist for Engility, and Indie Game Dev from New Jersey. Loves playing games, and loves making them, too.

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