Weekly Update: May 26th, 2010


I would like to take this moment to reflect on LOST. Weither you love it or hate it, you must say that show had a very interesting concept (aside from what some people I’ve talked to who just say “Oh, whoopdeedo, a plane crash.” Haters be hatin’). The series finale, aired on May 23rd, I thought was a great way to end the show. It was very moving, and the flash-sideways twist at the end was great.

That being said, I would also like to confirm that I am a huge LOST nerd. I’ve watched the show from the beginning, I’ve played a few of the between-season ARGs (my absolute-favorite was the Lost Experience with the Hanso Foundation), and I’ve even downloaded a Swan Computer Simulator. Oh yeah, I got it bad.

The thing that always got me about LOST was the universe behind it. Besides the action and the drama that we all saw on screen, there were the other organizations and hidden information behind it all – the DHARMA Initiative, the Hanso Foundation, Mittelos Bioscience, the Others, Widmore Industries – the list goes on! They all laid down the foundations that were discovered on the island, and they all had histories that went on long before the plane ever crashed.

Thats what makes a memorable story to me – the legend behind the tale. A lot of memorable games had extravagant back-stories that were on unveiled in pieces to the player, who discovered them one fragment at a time, and with a lot of gaps to be left open for speculation. Final Fantasy VII had such a story with the Cetra, Clouds’ fragmented and false past (which had more light shined on it in Crisis Core), and Sephiroths’ origin. Another great series of games to pull this off is the Kingdom Hearts series, with the legend of the Keyblade masters, the Ansem Reports, the secret endings, and the little clues the story would leave behind for people to ponder about.

It’s my opinion, that if you can walk away from a game and still be thinking about and assembling the intricate story it has told you, then that game’s story is a success (but if, lets say, the combat system is crap-tacular, then the story doesn’t mean a whole lot then, now, does it?).

LOST had a great back-story, an awesome front-story, and an overall spectacular run. Congratulations, LOST, on 6 good years, and a truckload of questions. See you in another life, brotha!

You can let go now.

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Computer Scientist for Engility, and Indie Game Dev from New Jersey. Loves playing games, and loves making them, too.

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