Android and libgdx – January 13, 2011

It’s a new year. Everyone’s made resolutions, and (hopefully) they’re sticking to ’em! My resolution? I’m going to try to dev 3 games this year – for Android, Windows, XBLA, Anything! I feel like I’ve been focusing too much on work code and not enough game code!

Me and by roommate felt like making a game for Android, and we stumbled across libgdx – A Java library developed by BadLogic Games. Essentially, it’s a whole game engine set up and ready to go. All it needs is just a layer of framework and a game! It’s loaded with Audio support, math, rendering 2D and 3D, even physics!

But the niftiest thing about it is it’s set up for both Android and Desktop applications. So instead of waiting for the Android Emulator to start up (which is equivalent to watching paint dry), you can run your new app as a Desktop java app and test it that way before punching it to Android.

This is a great way to get started in Android Mobile – and even Java – Game development! Best of all, it’s completely free. I can see no plausible reason for you not to get this.

Kudos to BadLogic Games, for giving developers a healthy head start in Android game dev. ( I sound like a bad spokes person).

Unlike this guy, who was a GREAT spokes person.



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Computer Scientist for Engility, and Indie Game Dev from New Jersey. Loves playing games, and loves making them, too.

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