GDC Day 2 – Wharf!

Wake Up in the Morning Feeling Like John Carmack

We all woke up a few times during the night from the shock of EST to PST. We all actually got up at 7, and we waited for my buddy Steve to show up and smuggling him into the hotel room. Once we got situated, we decided against going to Alcatraz today (because if we wanted to do Alcatraz, we’d have to get tickets the day before), and went to hit the Fisherman’s Wharf.

The Wharf was awesome. We ate crepes, walked around on the boardwalk and took in sights. Sights like a freakin’ battleship!

The S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien – one of the ships to go into Normandy during D-Day.You can get a history lesson from Wikipedia. All I know is walking around the engine room and the deck was awesome. Oh, and I also got to sit in and aim a gun turret.

I had way too much fun on that. Afterward, we checked out a hole-in-the-wall arcade full of really, really old games. I’m talking games like old 8-bit monochromatic racers to terrifying puppets doing terrifying things. I called it a place where games come to die. Depressing, in that nostolgic-awesome kinda way.

We also saw Sea Lions. They’re jerks to each other. Seriously, they’re all sleeping, minding their own business, when some jerk-of-a-sea-lion wakes up in the middle of a sleep dock, and just walks all over every other sea lion to get in the water. All the other sea lions scream in agony and rage creating an orchestra of loud angry barking. See? Jerks.

While at the Wharf, I was told by my grandparents to try Clam Chowder in a bread bowl. That already sounds amazing. The result?

Who ever thought to put clam chowder in a bowl of bread should be given a Nobel Prize in Delicousness. It was poetry in a breaded, chowder-like form. After digesting, we did some shopping and got some souvenirs, and then we ran into my buddy Gabe from Global Game Jam 2011.

GDC Registration. Cue epic.

We all trekked over to the Moscone Center at around 4:30, and we watched the center swell into the the nerd capital in the world. once the lines were open, we were some of the firsts in. I got my badge, my first wave of swag, and hung around the Moscone center for a bit. I’ve been here once before, but this place still blows me away. After we were all registered, we all came back to the hotel room. Gabe took off because he hasn’t eaten or slept in 2 days, and Steve took off to go to a party (RSVP. Grrr). So the 4 of us grabbed food at Mel’s Diner, and watched True Grit in a fancy theater with really comfy leather seats. Unfortunately, the rest of the day and the comfy seats caught up to me, and I fell asleep a few times… Yeah. Good movie, from the parts I saw. When we finally got back, we found that somehow Jess’s computer’s power input got bent out of wack, so now we need to find a computer repair shop. Should be an interesting day tomorrow!


So, a lot of pictures were taken. Too many to put up. So go here to see them all!


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