GDC Day 3 & 4 – Exit Vacation, Ready for GDC

Monday, February 28, 2011

Back to the Wharf

Steve and Justin took off this morning because they have the GDC All-Access passes to the conference. Me and Ryan don’t get in till Wednesday, because we have the Main Conference passes. So Me, Ryan and Jess headed down to the Fisherman’s Wharf again. Today we hit the Aquarium!

Fish. Yeah. That’s all I got for a Title.

There were some pretty cool fish to check out. A lot of it was pressing the pollution issue – I agree, pollution is bad, but I’m here for the fish! But we had a fun time checking out the aquarium, playing with all the displays and making fun of the fish.

I’m on a Boat!

After that we wondered around the wharf, picking up souvenirs for people, and we took a boat ride around the Golden Gate Bridge and up-close to Alcatraz, but here’s the thing: I get sea sick. When the horizon starts bouncing, so does my stomach. This wasn’t too bad, but I wasn’t too happy. It was cold, and a massive wave drenched my pants and shoes.

But the sights were awesome. Very spectacular.

After the wharf, we headed back and waited for Justin and Steve to come back (They did) and we went to a party in a pub… which turned out to be a bust. Gabe showed up with his buddy Marcus, and we all went over to Kate O’Briens, and we had a great time talking about games and other nerdy stuff. That pretty much sums up that day. We all hit the hay, and…

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Animals at the San Francisco Zoo

Justin and Steve went to another Summit today (The Game Design summit, he says), so me, Ryan and Jess went to The San Francisco Zoo, and it was awesome. I wanted to keep a few animals. Like, all of them.

However, noting beat Jess discovering the wonders of a unisex bathroom…

She was completely puzzled by how they work. 1st, she didn’t know if anyone was in the bathrooms already (she didn’t want to knock or, you know, turn the handle), and she didn’t know which door to go in. I was hysterical the whole time.

But it was a pretty good, relaxing day. But this was also the last of the relaxing days. So for the people who were wondering “What!? I thought this was a programming blog!” Don’t worry. Tomorrow is the first day of the Main Pass, and I’m going to blog everything. So I’ll stop boring everyone with these touristy blog posts and get on with the action… tomorrow! Till then, take care!


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