A HUGE_VAL Week for Games

E3 is just starting its second day, and already some massive announcements have been made! I’m following the coverage on Kotaku, and I’ve been beside myself.

Here are some points I want to cover (So far)


  • The PS Vita – not the coolest name, but a cool price of $249.99 for Wifi, and cool that it has 3G, but lame that it’s on AT&T’s network. That’s like giving Duke Nukem a slingshot.
  • More PS Move Titles – I’ve been waiting for the PS Move to get the ball rolling with more titles, and not just various devices to put the wand in.
  • Halo Remake and Halo 4 – Honestly, I was not expecting the first Halo to get a remake. Surprising to think it’s been 10 years already. I feel old.
  • The Nintendo eShop and 3DS updates – I don’t actually own a 3DS or a DSi (I have the slightly slimmer model that succeeded the “ol’ clunker” model), but as a Nostalgia and Backwards-Compatibility Advocate (it sounds official, right?), I’m all-for playing my old games on new devices. But if I can play PokéMon Red and trade/battle people on other 3DS’s, I may have to go buy 1. Or 6. And then find friends.
So, we will see what other exciting stuff comes out! Till then, take care!

A bit of a cumbersome controller, but I see it as a readily accessible Inventory running on D batteries.

Nintendo may be making a comeback. A violent, kick ass, DLC-supporting comeback. Just bring the “Nintendo Hard” difficulty I grew up with back to games, and we’ll call it square, Nintendo.


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Computer Scientist for Engility, and Indie Game Dev from New Jersey. Loves playing games, and loves making them, too.

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