New Year, New Game, New Keith

It’s  been quite some time since I’ve made a real post on this blog. During the past few, well, years my life has been making a number of ups and downs. I landed myself a new job thanks to this blog, and now it’s time I payed some proper attention to it.

Starting with the game I’ve been working on – what, after all this time, you think I’ve just faded away and just spin my wheels? Bah, I say! It’s high time to unveil my pet project that I’ve been working on for the past 10-12 months.

Ladies and Gentlemen…

GfyCat Preview

Here it is! A super-small-mini-micro preview of it. A lot of work has gone into the under-the-hood stuff (menu systems, ship select, AI, things you don’t really think about in games but, oh man, they’re there!) and it’s all working, but the front-end needs some polish, a HUD needs to be made, and I need to figure out game music. Most of the art, music, sounds, are all going to be placeholders for now until I hire a real artist/sound guy, because, you see, I want to turn this baby into a Kickstarter.

Here’s the plan: I plan on getting this game in a full demo-able state with anywhere between 5 – 10 playable levels, then start a Kickstarter. Hopefully, if it gets funded, use said funds to hire artists, sound guys, some code monkeys (probably QuadraTron), and turn this game into something really special.

And I’m taking you guys along the way! Major developments, previews, and even some code samples will be posted here, so you guys can get some insight (and voice opinions) about SUDDEN GLORY.

So, in summary, I’m back. Lets get back to work.