1 – ThreadPool Introduction

An illustration of multithreading where the ma...
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When I went through game development in college, one word kept being said like as if it was taboo: Multithreading. My classmates and I wanted to try it so bad, because we heard of all the benefits it would add to our games, but we didn’t know too much about it or how to implement it. Upper-class men would tell stories about how so-and-so tried to integrate it into his game, only to watch it fail.

It wasn’t until I took the “Don’t Dread Threads” seminar at GDC that I finally understood an optimal method to using threads effectively. I used to think I would attach one whole system to its own thread, but then I learned about thread tasks and my mind was blown. Now I wish to share my knowledge onto the online community. So sit, relax, and enjoy the tutorial.

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