Beer Gnomes

They Look Thristy…

Here’s to alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems. – Homer J. Simpson

Beer is a treasured commodity. Mankind has been drinking beer since around 9500BC. Now the Earths supply of this inebriating beverage is threatened by a parched race of creatures known as the Beer Gnomes. With an unquenchable will, they march forward to take all the beer from mankind. We are left with only one option…

… Eliminate every last one of the adorable little creeps.

They're not your average gnome... Then again, neither is this guy.

None Shall Pass; None Shall Drink.

The object of the game is not to let ANY of the gnomes get to the Keg. If any of the gnomes get to it, you’ll lose the game. How do you stop the gnomes? With your arsenal of comical weapons.’

The classic Spike Pit. Gnomes walk in, and they don’t walk out.

Buzz Saw: Oscillates above and below the block to slash any gnomes in it’s way.


Chomp Plant: Comes up and eats a few gnomes before resting in his tube to digest.


Puke-Da-Whoop: He’s a-chargin’ his gastrointestinal track. BLARRRGGGG!!!


Catapult: Non-leathal, but fun none-the-less.

Bombs and Trigger: Lay the bombs, place the trigger. A gnome steps on the button, the bombs go off, and you can watch the in-gnome-anity.

I, Gnome

A bunch of mindless, booze-hungry gnomes and a plethora of deadly weapons – how could you loose? Because not all are mindless. Some gnomes can destroy your weapons!

Horns: He’s fodder.

Stitches: His awesome hair can take out the Chomp Plant.

Cyclops: He can see right through your Buzz Saw and destroy it.

Butt-Face: He somehow takes out Spike Pits. I’m not sure how.

Fight For The Beer!

To play, click on one of the many weapons on the side, then click on an available box. You’ll win once the gnome population drops to 0. You’ll lose if even one gnome reaches our precious keg of beer.

How To Play

Simple click-and-place. click on a weapon (located on the bottom or right of the screen – try to click the middle, too. It helps). Hover your mouse over an available block (it turns green if it’s available) and click. Don’t let any reach the Golden Keg at the bottom, or you’ll fail. Easy right? The gnomes will say otherwise…


The game was made using Unity3D during Global Game Jam 2011 in Philadelphia. I’ve worked mainly on the traps, level design and particles. With Unity3D it seems mostly everything is done for you, you just have to put it together. All the custom scripts were written in C#, and all the traps were put together inside of the Unity Editor. I found it pretty impressive, since this was the first project I was involved with that used Unity3D, and had a very basic crash-course in about 12 hours.

Play The Game!

Play using the Online Unity Web Player.

Download For Windows.

Download For Mac.


The Team

From Right to Left

Jake O’Brien – Programmer

Parker Whitney – Artist

Christian Plummer – Programmer

Christian Sassi – Programmer

Zenas “Gabe” Bellace – Programmer

Keith Maggio – Programmer

Zachary Melamed – Programmer

Mike Tucci – Programmer (Not Pictured)

Karen McKenna – Artist (Not Pictured)

Special Thanks

Tristin Hightower – IGDAPhilly member and GGJ11 Organizer

Grant Shonkwiler – IGDA Chair for IGDAPhilly and GGJ11 Organizer

Keita Takahashi – Keynote Speaker

And all the others at Global Game Jam at Indy Hall! Thanks guys and gals!

Beer Gnomes. January, 2011, at the Global Game Jam 2011 in Philadelphia.

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