Color Theory

“And if you enjoy success with this, you won’t believe what you can do. This just opens doors, to a world of art, that’ll take you places you’ve only dreamed about going.” -Bob Ross

You’ll be able to enjoy the wonders of color and trippy Afros in Color Theory; A 2-and-a-half-D side-scrolling platform for the PC. The world is your canvas. You must use your paint to fill in the blanks, and make it to the exit while avoiding fire, electricity, and any other perils you come across as you fill the world with color. Play by yourself and beat your own personal best time, or play with a friend and race to the finish, while trying to avoid your friends’ mischief.

This was my Final Project back in Full Sail University. I was project lead on a 6 person team, and for 5 months we worked on this game from start to finish. We created full design and technical documentation, managed our meetings using “Turbo Teams” (almost a low-level version of SCRUM) to keep track of progress, and worked with artists and sound engineers to get assets in and working. We all managed our own schedules, programmed till our brains went numb, celebrated after almost every milestone, and worked together as a team to create one beautifully polished game.

Game Features:

  • Xbox 360 controller support
  • Psychedelic style and funky music
  • 2 levels of challenging gameplay
  • 2 player local multiplayer
  • Features the song “Why I Don’t Paint People”

My Contributions:

  • Music and Sound system (FMod)
  • OpenGL Texture Manager
  • OpenGL Frame Buffer Object Manager
  • Mouse 3D Picking
  • Paint Projectile Objects
  • Assisted with Object Hierarchy
  • Particle System

Art & Screenshots:

Cover Art for the Game Bible
Different paint will create different element blocks, each with different powers
Landing on a hazard like Fire or Electric can be a bit… messy
Play multiplayer and fight to the finish!


Color Theory Installer (56 MB, ZIP file) Coming (back) SOON!


Windows XP, OpenGL 2.1, Patience.

(In a recent test, I tried running this game on Windows 7. What I learned is to not run this game on Windows 7. One day I’ll compile it to be more Windows 7 friendly)

Apocalypse Pony: Palpable Aftertaste Final Presentation for Color Theory – Full Sail University, July 2009 (102.5 MB, AVI file) Coming (back) SOON!


Apocalypse Pony Studios
(Class of August 2009)

Palpable Aftertaste

Project Lead
Keith Maggio

Tech Lead
Jay Baird

Gameplay Lead
James Brown

Design Lead
Matthew DiBernardo

Asset Lead
Guy Corey

QA Lead
Joe Spanbauer

GP Games Staff

External Producer
Carlos Lugo

Art Director
Phillip Marunowski

Sound Director
Casey Coffman

2 thoughts on “Color Theory

  1. As a quick note to the video… *SPOILER ALERT!* At the end of the presentation, the players on screen suddenly start walking uncontrollably. The reason for this is NOT a glitch in the game programming, but rather a case we were un-prepared for. The XBox 360 controllers we had tested with were always plugged directly into the test machine. On presentation day, the test machine was in another room, and we plugged the remotes into a networked hub. Apparently, the hub would sometimes lose signal with the computer running the game, and start spamming the last input command from the controller.

    Other than that, I’m proud to say we were the only team that did not crash-to-desktop during presentation, nor have we found an event where we do when running the game!

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