Global Game Jam 2012 Games!

You’re probably wondering what the heck this is. It’s an Ouroboros. It’s a symbol usually representing renewal of life. It was also the theme of Global Game Jam 2012.

But the meaning itself was not the name – just the picture. We all came up with some creative and disturbing ideas for what the picture represented (Thanks, people who suggested Human Centipede).

So, with all Game Jams, the purpose of the Jam is to group up and make a game.

My group made 3. 2 games in Unity, and one in XNA for the Windows Phone 7.

I’ll go ahead and describe each game one-by-one.

Ouroboros: Legend of the Hoop Snake

This is our flagship game of the Jam, and the first game we started working on as a group. The game is a Runner-style platformer, where the objective is to run away from a horrific lawn mower that’s trying to grind up the player – a snake. The snake is always moving forward, and you can jump to collect mouse heads. When you collect a mouse head, you can coil up into an ouroboros and boost to get ahead and reach the goal.

The game has 2 levels, with more possibly on the way. As mentioned before, you move constantly forward when you’re slithering, but when you’re an Ouroboros, you can only roll and boost. If you lose momentum, you have to go back to slithering.

You can download for Windows, Mac, and Web off of the Global Game Jam Website for IGDA Philly @ Indy Hall!

I Made a Game With Snakes In It.


This game was made after a large portion of the key features were finished for OLotHS. It was spear-headed by Zenas Bellace, who had most of the mechanics worked out from previous games. In this game, you collect bunnies by clicking on the screen, sending the Ouroboros over in the bunny’s direction, all while avoiding the mongooses. It’s a challenging game that goes on without end, and once you’re defeated, you get to put in a high score.

You can download it off of the GGJ12 IGDA Philly Site, or play the Web Version Here!

Circle of Destruction

This game was also made after the core of OLotHS was made, and it won us a free phone. This was made in XNA for the Windows Phone 7, and was largely created by Christian Plummer. The point of the game is you have to drag planes into the “Bermuda Ouroboros” and make them lost forever. That’s pretty much it. We found playing around with the features in the phone fun and intriguing, and found trying to get the screen not to change orientation infuriating. Overall, good times were had.

You can download the project off of the Global Game Jam Site as well!


As always, it was a great experience to work with new people and get back into “Shotgun Game Development.” I want to do this every year for the rest of my life. If you haven’t gone to one, it’s amazing. It doesn’t matter what you do – Artist, Programmer, Writer, Sound, Music, Insane Asylum Escapee – all are welcome.

And now, the team of this GGJ: Quadratron

  • Matthew Catron – Sound
  • Moises Carreras – Programmer / Artist
  • Christian Plummer – Programmer / Artist
  • Zenas Bellace – Programmer / Artist
  • Keith Maggio – Programmer
  • George Harris – Artist (Not Pictured)

Special Thanks!

  • Matt Brenner
  • Tristan Hightower
  • IGDA Philadelphia
  • Cipher Prime
  • Disc Makers
  • And the rest of our sponsors

And make sure you go check out the other great games made at the Global Game Jam!

Do it.

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