Momma’s gonna make all of your nightmares come true,
Momma’s gonna put all of her fears into you,
Momma’s gonna keep you right here under her wing,
She won’t let you fly, but she might let you sing.
– “Mother,” by Pink Floyd

A parasite manifestation has overtaken a space carrier/science vessel in the outer reaches of space. The crew on board have been converted to a “hive mind”-like state, referring to the host vessel as “Mother.” Special forces have been dispatched to destroy the parasite and all that’s under its control before the parasite infects the rest of population.

Mother wouldn’t like that.

Up to 4 players must protect Mother from the attacking forces in a Survival/Tower-Defense style top-down shooter. The goal is to work cooperatively to protect Mother while independently trying to rack up more points than the other players. The attacking forces come in waves, each getting stronger than the last. The enemies include:

  1. Box Colliders – Box enemies that make a B-line straight for Mother, while firing 1-hit kill-shots at you.
  2. Static Shooter – Spawns a distance away and keeps firing round after round into mother. Sounds horrible, doesn’t it?
  3. Carrier and Kamikaze Bombers – The Carrier is largely stationary with a ton of hit points. The bombers are weak, but sporadic; it’ll be tough to gun them down before they crash right into Mother.
Your Weapons:
  1. Multi-Directional Automatic Cannon(M-DAC) – A standard for weapon for the fleet, and the only real weapon to fight back the threat to Mother.
  2. Tractor Beam – This beam can be used to pull Mother out of harms way, however, it must be used in close proximity. Mother also has her own, in case her children try to get too far…
  3. You. You are Mothers’ shield. Fly in the way of bullets. Get in harms way. You must protect Mother at all costs (which isn’t too bad, considering you have infinite respawns).

This game was created at the 2011 Philly Game Jam. My group, QuadraTron, consisted of Zenas “Gabe” Bellace, Christian “The dude totally ate cereal with Bawls for milk” Plummer, myself, and a big case of Bawls (We originally had a 4th guy as an artist (thus, QuadraTron), but he couldn’t make it. When you’re in a group with 3 programmers and no art guy, Bawls is your only friend (or malnutrition-inducing breakfast for some of us)).

Being left with no art guy, we eventually settled on using a retro Atari/NES style look, using primitives in the Unity3D Engine to create that old-school feeling, while using Unity3D’s physics to control the objects, giving it that “Retro-Look, Modern-Gameplay” that you see in indie games today like NIDHOGG or Minecraft.

This game, like Beer Gnomes, was created in 48 hours. The theme of the Game Jam was “Mother” (because the game jam was conflicting with Mother’s Day. Sorry, ma). This game was a lot more intense to make because, unlike Beer Gnomes, we has a considerably smaller team. However, we were praised by the judges for the level of polish given to each of the game features and the gameplay itself. We didn’t win any rewards at the game jam – except for the reward of making a solid, kick-ass game in 48 hours with 3 people! Only 2 other guys I know can say that.

I’d like to thank everyone at the IGDA Philly chapter, the Too Many Games Expo, Zenas, Christian, and everyone at the Philly Game Jam, especially Tristin Hightower for actually creating the art for Mother (You rock!).

MOTHER(ship).zip – Windows

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