Silence On The Line

Cool, huh?

SotL Title

The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself.

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

Alone in a dark submarine, hunted by ghosts, Nicolas must collect pieces of the past to escape this nightmare.

Explore the submarine as you try to make it past 3 ghosts, each with its own different method of hunting you down like a dog. Collect the items to reveal the location of the key, so you can unlock the hatch and escape.

You have no means of defense. You have only your flashlight and your wits. You have to listen, and watch. If a ghost keeps you in its sights, or catches up with you, your heart will beat faster. Too fast, and you’ll suddenly die. And I do mean sudden.


This Global Game Jam (GGJ2013) was the biggest to date. We had an amazing group of people show up, including some from The Camden Cape Community College. This, so far, is the most fun, most polished game made by a team I was involved with in a game jam so far.

I was involved with setting up game objects in the game, getting the items and enemies to appear randomly around the map, and the AI of the enemies, which I am most proud of. The 3 ghosts are unique, dangerous, and the randomness of the items and enemies make the game a different experience each time you play.

I was honored to have an excellent and skilled group of programmers, artists, designers, testers, and (nothing short of) audiophiles to join in designing and creating a challenging and terrifying game.

The Game Controls

WASD – Movement (Forward, Left, Back, Right)

Mouse – Look

F – Flashlight (You’ll need it. It loses power over time)

Left Click – Pick up the item you’re looking at.


Download from

Check out Silence On The Line on


Technical Design and Programming

  • Zenas Bellace
  • Moises Carreras
  • Daniel Jung
  • Keith Maggio
  • Christian Plummer

Art Design

  • Travis Carter
  • Dylan Mahoney

Level Design

  • Travis Carter
  • Christian Plummer

Sound Design

  • Brian Cice
  • Travis Wolfe
  • Sean Mahoney

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