Super Ultimate Ghost Fighter Turbo

TitleSplash The newest game from QuadraTron, made during the Philly Game Jam 2013. Winner of:

  • Most Innovative Award
  • Best Use Of Theme Award
  • Best Game of PGJ 2013 Award

A simple 2 Player Platform Fighter. Players fight each other in a best-of-3 brawl. First round is a simple showdown between warriors… … The next round, however, gets a bit freaky. Each round will have “ghost fighters” of the previous round played. The ghosts will fight each other while you duke it out between yourselves. Players are able to punch the ghosts, and the ghosts can punch the players, turning a one-on-one match into a warzone. Each round ups the fighters with ghosts from the previous round and the round before that and so-on. By the 5th-and-final-round, you need to be at the top of your game, because it could be anyone’s match.


The theme for the Philly Game Jam 2013 was “Ghosts of Games Past.” Our original plans were going to be to pay homage to classic games and game bosses, but we decided to do something more original. We decided to push the bar again and replicate something similar to the “ghost races” in the original Super Mario Kart but in a different medium – a Towerfall-esque fighting game.

We changed up our usual Game Jam development cycle; we used Friday night to design the game out well, then we rested (if you’ve ever been in a Game Jam, 7 hours of sleep is a God-send). We woke up at 7 am the next day, and I, personally, didn’t go back to sleep til 3 AM Sunday (Zenas stole my sleeping bag. Jerk).

Our game makes use of a very simple fighting game design – Move, Jump, Punch. That’s it. But in it’s simplicity, and the design of the levels and players, the game has a type of balance that makes it more than just a button-masher. The ghosts make use of a Command Design Pattern, which “records” the player’s inputs in one round, then plays them back in the next round on a ghost. It’s almost like having a virtual controller in the game. Travis and Alex came up with some amazing art for the game, which really helped build the theme for the game. Christian had been learning Japanese, and felt it necessary to yell out various phrases over the course of the Jam.

It was an awesome time working with this group again, and an awesome time working at Cipher Prime in Philadelphia. I can’t wait to go back for the Global Game Jam 2014.’

Download Super Ultimate Ghost Fighter Turbo

Links and Controls:

Mac OSX Users – use the Sony Playstation 3 Contoller

  • Movement – Joystick
  • Jump – X
  • Punch – O

Windows Users – use the XBox 360 Controller

  • Movement – Joystick
  • Jump – A
  • Punch – B

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      Sorry it took so long for me to fix this. The links should work now. Originally had these going to an ftp site. Whoops.

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you!

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