Unity 3D – Super Simple Animation System (SSAS)

One thing I always considered good practice is “If you know what you need, and ‘the wheel’ is over-bloated, it’s OK to reinvent.” I looked at animation systems involving many awesome features, but I wanted something really, really simple. Named after my room mate, here is the Super Simple Animation System (SSAS).

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Quadratron Returns in Global Game Jam 2012!

Hey everyone!

I know i’ve been out for a while – I’ve been SWamped up TO my eaRs in work.

Last month was the Global game jam 2012, and Me, Zenas Bellace and Christian Plummer returned to the battlefield. With the help of Moises Carreras and Matt Catron and George Harris, we dominated. Our task was to make 1 game. We made 3.

Come look at our accomplishments. And look out for evil lawn mowers and crazy airline pilots.

Do it.


Code Snippet Quick Reference

I have created a quick way to find the code snippets you’re looking for! The Code Snippet Quick Reference under the Code tab at the top. Now you can find all the snippets for C/C++, Unity, and even the Math Algorithms all in one easy place (OK, technically 3, but shut up; I’m trying to do you a favor, here!).

Unity 3D Code Snippet – Inheriting Parent Velocity

Imagine that you’re running at 10 MPH. While you’re running, you throw a ball at 5 MPH. Now, imagine the laws of physics are screwed up and the ball, instead of adding your running velocity to its own, only moves at its 5 MPH. Imagine the look on your face when you try to figure out how the heck you just did that. Imagine the towns’ people accusing you of being a witch and burning you at the stake. Gruesome.

This is (sorta) what happened to me. I instantiated particles, but they didn’t pick up the instantiators’ velocity. Well, here’s a handy script I found, and now I am sharing it to help get your game up to speed (Ugh. I rather just be burned at the stake than to hear another corny pun).

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Unity 3D Code Snippet – Obstacle Detection Component

I’m working to get a good portion of my AI up here (in tutorial form) for my Unity 3D Flight Combat game. Since AI is a bit more complicated than a simple flight script, I’ll put it up piece-by-piece in the form of modular devices you can use for other aspects of the game. Today, I’m going to show you how to give your game a bit more insight (These jokes are killing me).

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Philly Game Jam 2011

Friday, Friday (I get down on Friday) – 6:55 PM

OK! I’m doing this GGJ style! I’m at the game jam, brainstorming and setting up with Zenas and Christian. We’ve got a live feed, so all you stalkers out there can watch us for the 48 hours of glory! (For people who start reading this after the PGJ, this link is probably dead).

The link: http://ustre.am/svWX

Friday – 9:23 PM

The theme for this jam is Mother (ha, ha). We’ve extrapolated a lot of ideas from that, and we’ve begun work on our project! We’ve begun integrating one of Zenas’s old projects that works just like how we envision the game. We’ve also coined new phrases and terms. Like:

  • “Explosions hide a world of sin” – Chris
  • “Frienemies” – You play co-opt with your friends, and even though you work for a common goal, you may have individual scores, so someone won more than you. – Pat Hollowman
  • Unity3D; Windows and Macs working in… Unity” – Keith (“YEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!”)

Also, we somehow broke Zenas’s Unity3D. Off to a great start.

Saturday – Midnight DeLIGHT

They shut off all the lights in the expo room. Any bright flash is freaking blinding. But now we actually retrofitted Zenas’s old code to work with local multiplayer, and we’re working on the bullets and enemies. Soon we’ll put the mother ship in, and the Proof of Concept of our game will be done, after only 6 hours. Not bad, in my book.

Saturday – DIE, MOTHER! – 1:33 am

So, I’ve spent the last hour trying to update/delete a prefab object called “Mother” on the asset server. Every time I would try to commit the change, the asset server would hang on the commit during the “Finishing Up…” stage. I’ve restarted Unity, restarted my computer, NOTHING. I AM TIRED. WHY, MOTHER!? WHY!?!?

Finally, we restarted the asset server. Bam. Done. I’m gonna take a nap now. G’night, mommy dearest.


OK, you’re probably wondering “What the <expletive deleted>? What happened to the live updates!? You lazy <expletive deleted>!” OK, listen, Champ/Pal/Chief/<expletive deleted>/Friend, when you’re in a team of 3 guys, no artist, and a deadline rapidly approching, you have to make every moment count! Glad we did, too. I’m really proud of this game. It may not have won any awards, but it certainly won in it’s own right.

It’s a top-down shooter much like “I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!1” with space ships. The point of the game is to protect the big Mother Ship in the middle of screen from enemy attack. You can pull Mother with a tractor beam (and she can pull you too), and you can keep spawning freely until Mother dies. Then it’s game over. It’s 1-4 player multiplayer, made with Unity, and it totally kicks <expletive deleted>.

Once I get the link, I’ll post it up.