Video: Will Smith Shares His Secrets To Success.

This may be a potato-quality video, but it speaks volumes. Everything he speaks is what I’ve been working my entire life to accomplish. His motivation, his determination, his stride to be “unrealistic,” and his ability to keep loving life, and take its challenges. That’s what I’ve been telling myself for years, and to hear it from someone who had the passion to make it to the top, that just solidifies it more for me. And I hope it means something to you, too.

I do not, however, share his passion for treadmills. They are machines made to kill, and kill they certainly do.


Silence on the Line Video Playthrough by Markiplier

Holy crap! Someone made a video playthrough of my game! And I didn’t even plead with them or beg them or bribe them or anything!

Markiplier takes on the challenge of our quick little horror game Silence On The Line made during the Global Game Jam 2013. It’s hysterical.



So, this is just a search on YouTube. People play this game. People are afraid. People. Are. Afraid.

Game Glitch Analysis: Angry Video Game Nerd

The Angry Video Game Nerd is just exactly what his name implies; He plays old, obscure, and usually really bad video games armed with a plethora of witty comments, foul language and rage that connects with every gamer – from casual to hardcore.

DISCLAIMER: Foul language and Zombie Rocky Balboa

Click the image to see the video.

Back on July 8th, AVGN released a video on his examination of various game glitches – from graphical WTFs to game exploits. The most notable I found is he found the way to kill the flying head in Super Mario Bros 2.

So, enjoy the laughs. Soon I think I’ll do another Game Glitch Analysis on something. Trying to think of a good game to analyze. Till then, Take Care!